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Russian brides: worthy features for a foreign husband and dating platforms for meeting 

While Western men are struggling with their ladies, who are actively upholding the ideas of feminism and gender equity, Russian women are struggling with their partners for the lack of proper attention and attitude. In this case, each side may be a suitable alternative for the other one. 

Beautiful Russian girls are considered to be pretty and charming. They are a sought-after class of fiancées among foreign men. Thousands of online mail order bride resources offer catalogs of Russian singles to assist in finding partners’ love. 

In case you have chosen to date a  Russian woman, you have likely paid attention to her appearance and character. Do you want to acknowledge what mainly makes Russian ladies desirable? Continue reading to find out what Russian wives are alike and where you can get to know them.

Beautiful Russian women through the prism of history and tradition

Russia has an extensive history that started hundreds of years ago – and being aware of its tradition will assist you in contacting beautiful Russian women using worthy recommendations.

Russian girls are especially attractive and elegant. What is more, they pay close attention to their figures. You have probably heard repeatedly that Russian women are incredibly charming, and therefore they are superior to other women. Moreover, they remain so even being old, which is no fewer matters.

The quality of the school system and its requirements, which were formed during the former Soviet Union, determined the level of education of Russian girls. Meet a Russian girl online, and with a 90% probability, she has a university degree. Moreover, the combination of Russia’s deep-rooted literary traditions with the long-delayed extension of technologies is the cause of such a phenomenon as hot Russian women are voracious readers. 

In a picture of the world of their future, Russian women see themselves in the role of a caring wife and mother. Russian women are not only beautiful but also wise, so they will not cause you trouble. The uniqueness of Russian wives is that they were able to find a balance between family and work. Thus, you as a spouse and your children will always be fed, and you will not have to be bored with your wife, as her life will be сolorful and full of acquaintances and emotions. 

Russian authorities approve such a twofold role for women. The maternity leave can prolong up to one and a half years. What is more, some companies can offer sick leave for a couple of weeks in case of children’s illness. 

Russian wife features to expect in marriage 

The lovely Russian brides wouldn’t be so universally desirable if they haven’t possessed such astonishing features that make them perfect wives. Meanwhile, you have decided to get a Russian bride, here is a list of characteristics you can expect in your potential wife.

  1. Incredible beauty

After analyzing the statistics of happy couples who succeeded in finding a Russian girl for marriage, we are assured that foreign men praise Russian girls, primarily for their natural beauty.

No less pride in husbands causes a sense of style of their wife, which is typical for pretty Russian girls. The Russian woman does not go out on the street, horrible, even if she needs to go to the store, which is located in the house several floors below. 

The stereotype that Russian women go to the store in mink coats and high heels, fortunately, is just another myth. Russian women always are tip-top, but according to the occasion. The ability to combine clothes with taste is a characteristic feature of a Russian girl. 

Russian women have excellent genetics, so numerous girls have natural beauty. But despite this, for Russian women, there is no limit to perfection, so they master the art of makeup to emphasize their unique features.

  1. Personality

Attractive appearances apart are not the most solid grounds for a comfortable relation and alliance. If you assume that Russian single ladies can offer you nothing except for outer beauty, you are gravely mistaken. In this case, they would not have been admitted as the most wanted wives in the world.

The foremost feature of a Russian wife is fidelity. The Russian wife will be on your side in good and bad times. With such a wife, you can not be afraid of difficulties, since she is more likely to solve them than leave you alone with them.

You have probably heard that Russian women are cold, and it is tough to find contact with them. The truth is that for single Russian women, this is a way of self-defense. If you have the time and patience to melt her heart, then an incredible love story awaits you, after all, having fallen in love once she would never refuse you. Allow her to verify the seriousness of your intentions, and you will see Russian women from a completely different perspective – tender, caring, passionate, loyal.

  1. Family values

In contrast to European wives, who initially try to realize their potential, and only then start a family, Russian wives have apparent advantages. For this, they do not need the age of 30 years, when the reproductive functions of women are already reduced.

Since childhood, a Russian girl has been dreaming of a wedding and her white prince, and her favorite game is a mother-daughter game with her friends.

  1. Self-assurance and ambitiousness

As we have already noticed, Russian women are rather family-centered than job-centered. Still, their ambitiousness allows them to set themselves high goals and achieve, and without depriving the family of attention.

  1. Admiration by foreign guys

Not many Russian women will neglect relations with foreign men, as it seems that they are more attentive, warm, and caring. Foreign men are better able to recognize the value of a Russian woman than a local man. Therefore, on the Internet, you can find many profiles of Russian women.

Russian bride’s expectations concerning her spouse

After you have become more familiar with Russian brides, it’s time to reveal the cards and explain what they are looking for, in turn, in men. Potential Russian bride is going to pay attention to:

We have already mentioned that Russian women pay much attention to their appearance, and it is vital for them in which way they appear in society. It would be logical to expect from a man a similar attitude to the appearance. Old worn clothing is a sign of disrespect for others, and even more so for her. Tuxedos, of course, are already extreme, but if you want to be liked by a Russian girl, feel free to dress with elegance.

Don’t start with dirty talks only to impress her and stand out from others; such conversations will only repel her. You should better start with questions concerning her family (family-centered girls), her goals (as Russian girls are ambitious), show her your intentions concerning your potential family.

One of the motives for Russian girls for dating a foreign guy is that they expect them to be well-mannered and attentive. Don’t miss your chance to date Russian beauties.

Do not forget why you have created a profile on the Russian mail order bride website. You are there then to find a Russian bride. It is a critical step, no doubt, but if you are already ready for it, then go for it. Russian women love self-confident men who are prepared to make decisions and surprise with actions, not words. For example, after some period of communication, you can make her a surprise and come to her hometown and make an appointment.

Russian girls as good prospects for marriage

Gorgeous Russian girls have been enchanting fellows for ages. These females are not merely lovely and elegant but additionally psychologically mature and amazingly capable. Not fewer vital, they are perfect spouses and mums, which gives them preferences over their Western equals.

In case you have been a bachelor for some time, or if you think about searching for a faithful and caring wife who would not avoid household chores, Russia is an example of the prime places for making wives’ choice.

Russian women: myths distort your judgments

Is there some bias regarding Russian ladies? No secret, there are tons of stereotypes concerning Russian women, indeed. Do not permit such myths to influence your opinion– first chat yourself and then give your assessment!

  1. Russian women are indifferent and supercilious

Sometimes it may seem that a Russian lady is arrogant and wants to dominate and give the orders. Furthermore, emotionlessness on the face causes a feeling of hostility and unfriendliness. 

Judging by individuals does not give the right to decide upon a whole nationality. In any country, there are unemotional people or those who solely hide them. Those who had experience with Russian dating could evidence that these women are warm and caring, and we are willing to assume such a truth.

2. Their face is fully covered with cosmetics

It is believed that you could quickly identify a Russian girl by her tons of makeup, revealing clothes such as short skirts, deep V-neck blouse, and high heels. Have you heard anything alike? 

The fashion of the 90s has passed long ago, and you could hardly find even one Russian girl who is dressed in such a way. Nowadays, Russian women prefer fashion in naturalness and grace.

3. Russian girls wear exclusively high-priced brand outfits. 

I do know nobody who wouldn’t dream about brandy clothes, no matter which brand. It is typical for every girl. The difference is in the scale of desire, based on the financial situation of a country or a peculiar family. The circumstances in which the girl grew up define the greatness of her wants. Either she understands in advance that she cannot afford and does not even think about it, or she would like to have a branded bag, but so far, there is no way to buy it now. Feel the difference? And here it is not vital whether it is a Russian girl or an American. 

What does this mean for you as a potential groom? You can present her with an expensive gift, and she will appreciate it properly. If she has access to your finances, she will not spend them on expensive purchases, only if this is not your desire.

4. Russian ladies are money-сoncerned

In the 90s, due to the mass migration of Russian girls to western countries, such a myth emerged. Such behavior was caused by tough times in Russia, according to the economic crisis. Those days are gone.

No doubt, Russian women want a better life for themselves and their future households, but it is not all about cash. The hidden motives of Russian girls are love, attention, and honor.

Russian women: pros and cons for dating

Russian women pros are as follows:

A Russian lady is naturally gorgeous. What is more, she pays much attention to her face and figure, trains hard in the gym, and keeps a healthy lifestyle. With such a woman, it will be pleasant to wake up each morning.

Such a preference is expressed in her communication with her spouse and his family. What is more, she is sure about her man’s success and his taken actions.

For a Russian wife, it is typical to think about her family, firstly, and only then about herself. Family goals and their happiness are the primary emphases. Subsequently, all the love and support she can give is addressed towards her nearest. 

In their majority, Russian girls are highly-educated. They put in much effort to get a prestigious job and be highly paid

Legendary Russian cuisine is highly appreciated in the whole world. This art is taught to Russian girls by their mothers from childhood, so you can be 100% sure that you will always be tasty and well-fed.

We objectively approach the study of the issue, so here is a list of the shortcomings of Russian women:

Only for those who don’t honestly know Russian women, they are icy, and for those who could feel them better, they seem emotive. They are not afraid to show their emotions, no matter either positive or negative, that couldn’t not to charm. For those who have never faced such an honest attitude, it may seem too much. 

A Russian lady is frequently called a conventional spouse, because she follows most of the family traditions, separates gender functions and tasks, and reflects the supposed type of behavior rigidly. Seldom she lacks adaptability and liberty as she understands how everything should be done and obey the rules.

 Russian girls have tremendous strength of personality and a wish to be free, not depending on somebody, although they can’t visualize their days without their partners. For such girls, a man should be not less strong and be a leader in relations. In such a way, a wife feels herself protected and can let her man to establish rules at home, not claiming her freedom.

The fact is that the Russian lady is demanding to her partner and has high expectations concerning their further relations. The negativity of this side can be disputed depending on the side you are looking at this feature of Russian women. On the one hand, a man can feel pressure from a girl or his wife, and on the other, motivation for development, success, and a better life. Here everything depends on the ambitions of the man himself because if a man sets high expectations for himself, such a woman will be his support and motivation. If he is content with the current state of things, such behavior will be annoying.

Russian women as mail order brides

Probably the thought of the inner motives of Russian women to be mail order brides has crossed you. You are not the only one who is interested in it. 

Among expected assumptions are:

These are well-known stereotypes. In real life, it is nothing more than your biggest misconception since contemporary Russia is a country with a developing economy and living conditions.

The truth lies at the disbalance of genders, as the number of women much exceeds the number of Russian men. In such conditions, men suggest their superiority, and it causes disrespect towards Russian women. A Russian mail order bride is a woman who was once dissatisfied with things as they were and decided to risk in the pursuit of happiness.

The second reason for Russian women as mail order brides is broadening their horizons while traveling. Most of them assume the foreign country more fitting for them and their world view.

Marriage with girls from Russia: what to expect

A traditional Russian girl wants to engage with a gentleman who follows her high expectations. An ideal set of a partner includes the following characteristics: attractive, thoughtful, caring, passionate, hardworking, and understanding. Furthermore, he must be well-funded and waste money reasonably.

Eloquent speeches and pledges do not work for Russian girls. Russian women expect their partners to show all their intentions and prove them in actions. Moreover, Russian girls can become irritated by the flood of words if only they are not matched by actions. 

Marriage with girls from Russia implies full respect and trust. To make her happy, be open with her, share your plans, intentions, dreams, discuss current affairs with her so that she felt needed, and saw that she is trusted. 

How to date Russian women online

Finally, if you are confident that a Russian wife is what you were looking for and waiting for filling in the blanks at happiness. When thousands of kilometers separate you, it is hard to visualize what kind of family you will be. Russian girls, to put it mildly, do not fan from casual conversations on the street or in a cafe. The explanation for this behavior is the girl’s unwillingness to invade her comfort zone. That’s why the short trip to Russia, hoping for a personal meeting, is not a good idea when it comes to Russian girls. Then how to date Russian women? 

A modern approach would be to turn to a marriage agency that acts as a cupid and brings loving hearts together. Such platforms have a broad database of Russian brides, where everyone can find their couple. The initial selection is based on shared interests and hobbies, so those potential brides with which your life views differ are screened out. Then you are offered a catalog of Russian brides’ photos, among which you will undoubtedly choose hundreds. And then it all depends on your communication and ability to establish contacts.

Russian brides: real or fake profiles

There are already dozens of online resources for dating, and new ones will appear every year. It is essential for you, as a person seeking a potential wife, to be able to assess these platforms not to be deceived. The worst thing is not that you can lose money or time on a fake profile, but that opening your heart and falling in love with the created image, it will be hard for you to believe in online dating again.

It’s worth fighting for happiness. We will teach you to identify fraud in the distance while opening you the door to the world of beautiful real Russian brides.

How can you protect yourself from cheating?

1. Check the reputation of the service

Since a reputable dating service carefully approaches the choice of girls, through verification of each profile.

2. Block users who appealed to you for financial assistance.

Mail order brides cannot ask you for any payments since they are on this platform to find a husband, and not find financial security for themselves. Therefore, any extortion of money can be regarded as fraud.

3. Ask the girl you liked for video chat

Thus, you can evaluate whether it varies from the picture in the profile, whether it is real. If she refuses you, then this is most likely a fraud, because if she considers you as a potential groom, she will be interested in strengthening your relations and developing them. Therefore, in the case of multiple refusals from video calls, it is your choice whether to refuse the girl or blindly believe what she writes.

4. Check customer feedback and reviews

Lastly, you should not reject what others say regarding the source. It doesn’t seem possible to satisfy everyone, subsequently do not bypass platforms with several negative reviews. Still, take some time to read through social media to see what other people have to say about this particular platform.

Russian wife: worthy features for a potential husband

To help you value a phenomenon of Russian wife, we offer you a set of their decent features, among which:

From childhood, Russian girls are instilled with the value of a family that can not be reevaluated. Even in adulthood, Russian women perceive attacks on the family as personal claims and in every way, protect their loved ones. It is displayed not only in adverse situations. Protection may mean support, attention, and assistance.

With a Russian wife, you will always have cleanliness and food at home. For them, this is an integral part of comfort, so they are ready to spend their time and energy on it, sacrificing other things.

Ambitious Russian wives could not be home-centered, as they need self-realization. But these goals will never run counter to the time for a family. The ability to combine personal ambitions with a vision of family life makes them truly unique and desirable. 

Russian dating sites or marriage agencies

Personal acquaintances for a long time are not the only way to establish communication with a woman. You can promptly meet a Russian bride at the mail order bride websites. You no longer need to spend money and time traveling to acquire new relationships. Especially for such purposes, platforms for dating were created. The mail-order bride websites provide you with lists of Russian ladies (if we are talking about the Russian platform).

Among the top-rated Russian dating sites or marriage agencies are:

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Thousands of Russian mail order brides here are waiting for their spouses, and demand for them is growing. Are you still not there?

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