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Asian mail order brides: are they advantageous?

Why are you deciding to look for an Asian bride? Because girls from “there” are beautiful (even glamorous), humble, put a man to the first place in a family, and would like to have children, raising them smart and wit? That’s right, all these traits are essential to many Asian women.

But you also should know more about Asia itself (as it consists of 49 countries) and people living there. They possess more differences among each other than you would think – and sometimes we even think that it is wrong to call them all ‘Asians’, as the list of countries spans from Nepal to Tajikistan, from Turkey to Singapore, from Vietnam to Armenia, from Cambodia to Israel, from Lebanon to Indonesia. The most known Asian countries are China, Russia, South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Also, for the sake of not confusing you, we are excluding Russia and Arab countries from the list of Asians, as in people’s minds, Russia is another territory with people not looking like Asians, and Arabs are not Asians. Technically, they are but let’s not get lost in technicalities.

Let’s speak why hot Asian women are advantageous for men not from Asia.

Why should one consider Asian brides in the first place?

  1. Humble behavior. You might have seen a lot of black-and-white movies, where Asians are shown as screaming fools. Some of them do scream but this mostly concerns men and impolite women with low educational levels. Nearly 100% of Asian brides registered on the dating sites that we offer you to consider further on in this text are polite and well-educated, so they know how to behave.
  2. Interesting culture. Asian culture has been forming through several millennia. For instance, China and India are two cultures with 3,000+ years of civilization, with own ups and downs. These nations have founded gunpowder, vases from the finest porcelain, Kama Sutra, hieroglyphic writing, and brought hundreds of other innovations. Every Asian country is rich with cultural details and specificities, which will be enough for you to study through your life as you are going to live with your bride. And this culture is nothing like the pop culture of the West, which has become largely shallow and, thus, pale, in recent decades.
  3. Interesting cuisine. It can be challenging for ones and thrilling piece of yummy for others. You never know before you try. As your wife has grown in a proper environment, she will likely to pamper you with several dishes of her cuisine. And even if you dislike something that she cooks, it is nearly for sure that you should adore at least one or two dishes. They can become an amazing addition to your weekly meals, for a change. Bear in mind that the cuisine of Asia includes a lot of rice – and your Asian mail order bride is partially so slim because she eats much rice. 90% of the entire world’s rice consumption happens in Asia, where 60% of the population dwells. In addition to rice-oriented diet, pretty Asian girls do not mind to savor ants (bugs). Roasted cockroaches, spiders, grasshoppers, larvae, caterpillars, scorpions, and other similar stuff are widely adopted in Asia. It will take time and efforts from your side to make her abandon this gastronomic proneness and stop searching for bugs in the lawn of your backyard 😉 And you will have to get used to her being upset because of she won’t be able to find products in the stores to which she got used in her stores back home.
  4. Beautiful Asian girls are obsessed with appearance. At least, in the progressive countries, such as South Korea, Bahrain, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, China, Cyprus, UAE, the Philippines, Israel, Japan, and Jordan. In others, having a perfect look and marble-color skin is not important. So this circumstance largely defines your choice of Asian singles. They will have a large span of appearance, the color of the skin on the face and body, the color of hair and eyes. If you want a doll-like Asian girl with super perfect whitest skin and brown hair, large eyes, smallest nose, generally looking like an immaculate dreamy girl from an Asian porn site or Hentai cartoon, your choice should be South Korea. If you want a brown-skinned hard-working petite housewife without any ambitions, just to run your house well, then Lao is definitely your choice. The Asian world is so big that you will be able to satisfy any of your demands for a girl.

Let’s consider brides by country

We are not going to immerse selves in every Asian country. We are going to go through the most popular ones amongst the Western men:

  1. The Philippines. This country is historically one of the most admired by men of the West, and until recently, the fair share of all brides from abroad was filled by women of the Philippines. They are beautiful, exotic, accessible, and easily approachable. One of the most cherished dreams of all Filipinas is to marry a nice wealthy guy from the Western world. In this way, an Asian woman will have a decent life, sufficient income per household, and will be able to raise well-educated and protected children. As this country recently isn’t feeling self well and has a lot of economic and political turbulence, one of the strongest desires of young and pretty women is to escape their country, going west.
  2. Thailand. Local Asian mail order brides are historically considered one of the most beautiful and refined for men from abroad. They are more serious and mature compared to South Koreans, who look like dollies even in their 50s. Thai girls are much freer in their minds and they are easily hooking up with foreigners. Recently, it became fashionable to make surgical correction of the face and boobs to become more appealing to wealthy men from abroad.
  3. What do you know about Vietnam besides a cozy Vietnamese restaurant by the corner close to your office, where you work? Yes, their cuisine is delicious and it’s the fact. But the far lesser amount of women from Vietnam are considered beautiful as we understand it here in the white world. A model look is rather an exception from rules with Vietnamese brides. But they are humble, hard-working, highly respectful, and will not demand a lot from men.
  4. Indonesia. This state is packed with beautiful ladies. Though these people have different beauty standards and are broader in the width of their bodies than we all think of standard Asians, it shows their bigger physical power and ability to give birth to many healthy children.
  5. The Maldives. This place is always associated with paradise on Earth. You will love the exotic appearance of local wide-smiling white-teeth girls. Also, their eyes will hypnotize you – they may be characterized as ‘aqua eyes’, as they have azure and hazel colors.
  6. Sri Lanka. It is a popular place for vacations and it is generally the place, where you want to live. Women here look much more like Indians (which they are) and, as far as you know (or don’t), there are so many charming ladies amongst Indians. Their coffee + milk color of skin and black curly hair in addition to dark eyes will make you not forget their exotic appearance for a long time. 
  7. South Korea. This Asian nation has the biggest concentration of beauties per 1 square inch. Their mega-popular K-Pop music band consists of girls of extra-model appearance with white petite bodies and hugely likable faces. They represent the ideal of the beauty, to which all young women of this Asian country strive. In the world of today, this band is even more popular than Spice Girls back in their time. 

Interesting facts about Asia and Asian mail order brides

Now let’s consider some interesting and fun facts, which will reopen Asia to you.

  1. The continent has over 2,300 languages and dialects.
  2. Everest is in Asia.
  3. The time zone there can match yours, as it is from UTC+2 to UTC+12.
  4. Genghis Khan who was the biggest conqueror in the world (yes, bigger than Alexander the Great), who together with his sons collected the biggest share of lands of Eurasia under Khan’s governorate, was from Asia (Mongolia).
  5. With the onset of economic advancement in Asia in recent decades, the biggest share of top-100 most populous cities on the planet is in Asia. With hundreds of large megalopolises, still, the smallest villages without the Internet exist, where people are on the verge of extinction if the weather is bad and crop dies. So the economic map of Asia is extremely diverse. And your Asian lady may come from nearly any type of family, having different wealth and education levels. Certainly, if she is unaware of the Internet, she cannot find you on any Asian dating site. So, unless you go there yourself to pick a wife among local people, the population of Asia is pre-filtered for you already, submitting only beautiful, well-mannered, and well-educated Asian wives for you. Highly likely that your future bride lives in large megalopolis today, out there somewhere. Would you like to find her?

Pros and cons of Asian women



What you should like in Asian traditions

What else is thrilling to know about Asian wives?

  1. Sharing food for her is a regular habit. So don’t wonder when in a restaurant or cafe, she will rip pieces of your food, whatever you order. Even if you hate it the same as Joey from Friends does, you just have to deal with it.
  2. Social conventions. There are no ‘Hello, How are You’ long greetings and small talks in modern young men and women of Asia. The life tempo is pretty high, so just a regular nodding head is good enough in most cases to say hi or show your respect.
  3. In Vietnam, there is a universal celebration of everyone’s birthday, which coincides with the celebration of a new year. Every citizen of the country gets one year older in New Year. That’s insane but that’s what it is.
  4. There is a penalty for being fat. In one of the single Asian women’s countries, a citizen may be fined if he or she is too fat. Did you think that the reason for all them being slim is not about money?

Here are the top-rated Asian dating sites:

Below, we are considering some nice websites to meet lovely Asian girls for marriage:

Which Asian marriage agencies are good?

The biggest advantage of all these online marriage agencies is that they are populated with the finest pre-selected ladies from Asia, and all profiles are being verified.

Additional advantages are:

Why single Asian girls are found on these sites?

The administration of sites above understands that Westerners do not go to their sites to find unsuitable ladies with average and below-than-average appearance. So, to satisfy the high demand for nice-looking Asian brides for a demanding audience of the West, the profiles of so-so girls are moderated and some of them are banned from this Western-man ‘marriage hunting’. This is a good thing for you, as you don’t have to worm through tonnes of horse-like and monkey-like looking females. 

How to get Asian wife: recommended algorithm

It is found by thousands of users that the best thing would be sticking to this algorithm:

It looks like a simple sequence of steps but it involves hundreds of smaller actions. The entire procedure may last for months. 

How much does an Asian mail-order bride cost?

To put it correctly right from the start: you don’t have to pay anyone but the site itself (for the services of finding ladies and making you contact them). If a lady asks any money from you – do not give it to her, it’s a banal fraud. Also, it is advisable to report to the administration that a lady asks for money (the sites usually block such gold diggers and fraudsters).

The cost of services of any dating site for the successful completion of the task (finding you an Asian wife) can be 1,000 dollars and above. If you address personal matchmaking services, which include broader personal search, organization of your trip to an Asian bride country and arranging everything concerning the wedding and taking her to your country, then the cost can be anywhere in the range between $5,000 and $30,000.

Facts about Asian women

  1. Large life expectancy. Japan is the leader in the longevity of life of regular people but nearly all Asian countries boast with this indicator. The biggest part of them has this indicator better than in economically developed countries. This means for you literally better nutrition, healthier snacks, a better quality of purchases (even the replacement of synthetic clothes with something natural, like linen or silk, is beneficial). Everything will contribute to the improvement of life expectancy after you marry an Asian bride. For you and for your mutual children (which will have the better genes in the first place, received from a mother with longer life expectancy). 
  2. Phone craziness. Many people in Asia adore gadgets, where mobile phones are in the first place. Today, there is more than 1 phone per 1 person on average in most economically advanced countries of Asia. So, highly likely that after you find an Asian bride, you find out that she is wearing her phone with her 24/7/365. If the dating site that you are going to use has the mobile app, you can be absolutely sure that a girl uses it, which makes it possible for her to stay in touch all day round. In Hong Kong, there are 2.4 phones per 1 person on average and 1.5 are in Singapore.

Myths about Asian women

  1. Not all of them are submissive and humble. Times are changing, people too.
  2. They may be offended if you give them some exotic names or call them ‘exotic’. You are the same exotic for them, as they are for you.
  3. They can work not only as cooks or cab drivers. If you see them on these jobs in your country, it does not mean that they all do. In order to survive, they grab every opportunity to work for money, which is often, banally, driving a cab and cooking. 

Current situation of dating online with Asians

According to current US statistics, there are more Asians coming to the country than of any other nationality (meaning, immigrating from abroad, not natural surplus to the ones already living here). It means that increasingly more citizens of the US (and we guesstimate, that of other Western countries, too) adhere to dating online with Asian brides. No wonder, as they are smart, good-looking, put men above them, and can play amazingly great role of housewives and usual wives. 

Some part of men becomes acquainted with Asian brides offline, while the biggest part still gets them online. So, dating online with Asians is currently on the rise.

How Asian dating online improves the search results?

Online makes lives of all of us simpler, as you can filter girls online using many embedded filters, like:

As you set up your filter, a dating site may also offer you to save it to use in the future (to save your time). To do that in reality, you would have to spend hundreds and thousands of hours. Online, it takes just a minute.

How to find a mail order bride?

The first obvious thing to do is to register on any proposed dating site. Then, just start searching and talk to ladies. The more you talk – the bigger your chances become. It takes approximately 1-4 months to find an Asian woman to your great liking if you are active enough. 

Are Asian mail order brides real?

Yes. Hundreds of thousands of profiles of Asian brides that you can find online may not all be real or active. But even if 50% of them are so, it means that many dozens of thousands of women from Asia are waiting for you. A huge number of opportunities to meet Asian girl online exist at this very same minute. 

Why Asian women become mail order bride?

The most obvious reason for many is to move to a wealthier country, as they don’t see perspectives in theirs. But as moving has to be justified, not jumping into the deep water without any preparation, the biggest chance of normal and secure movement is finding a husband. Actually, this is the final goal for many: when a man is loving, caring, handsome, and normally provides for living, then this is the best option to stick to. Most Asian brides find their personal realization as good wives, not in any other role. 

How you can say for sure that an Asian girl likes you?

Asians are more humble in the emotional revelation that we got used to. They have lesser mimic, their gestures and facial expressions are not read just like that by Westerners, and they may not verbally reveal what they feel. The entire wooing is based on half-hints, which are hard to read. But, as the wooing through the Internet is not about half-hints but mostly texting, you will have a clear idea of intentions of Asian brides. Have fun! 

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