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Finding Your Match on Mail Order Brides Websites

Have you tried looking for a woman who would be a caring and supporting wife? If you have and if you’re reading this, chances are — you tried, but so far with little success. Today, feminism in the West has reached its peak, and most modern women would rather focus on their careers than become wives and mothers. Instead of focusing on the good aspects of feminism and the benefits it brings, some ladies go to the extremes, as if wanting to compensate for centuries of running the houses. 

That’s the situation in most Western countries, but global trends are a bit different. And that’s exactly why mail order brides services grow ever more popular in developed states. As more and more ladies strive for career and personal development, more and more gentlemen are looking for women who would prioritize families over their careers. If you share these concerns, it might be the right time to explore all the possibilities of online dating in general and mail order brides services in particular. Below, we’ll tell you how these websites work and how you can find a perfect match overseas.

Some facts about mail order brides

First, however, we will have to explain the logic behind ‘mail order brides’ term. Of course, you should not imagine ordering a person by mail or choosing any lady you like from an online brides shop. The slang phrase stands for eligible ladies from a variety of countries who have no problem relocating to a different country should they find a perfect match. The trick, however, is finding this match — so it’s not like you can pick any bride you want and she will consent to move in with you in a click. 

So, looking for a match among numerous mail order brides is not that different from looking for a match on any other dating website. The biggest difference is that marriage-centered platforms filter out users who are not interested in long-term heterosexual relationships and potentially — marriage and relocation. Essentially, these platforms have brides on one side of the ocean, and grooms — on the other one. 

As for the exact location, you can choose anything you like — from entire regions, like Asia or Latin America, to particular states, like Peru or Taiwan. Of course, your brides selection will not be limited to these two regions — you can find single ladies from Australia, Western and Eastern Europe, North America, and even Africa. There are hundreds of women to choose from, and the first choice you’ll need to make is geolocation. Not a single website can cover the entire globe of brides, so they specialize either in geographic regions or even stick to one particular country. 

As for the brides themselves, they may come from different environments and have different backgrounds, but they are all single women looking for something better in life. Here, ‘better’ does not imply better off financially — differently from what many people will assume. Indeed, not every woman was lucky enough to be born in a safe and economically developed country. Still, regardless of their living conditions, most ladies have friends and families, jobs and career opportunities, and so on.

Still, they are ready to leave all of that behind for hope of finding a decent and loving husband, and many of them also want to have children. Some brides join international dating sites as soon as they turn 18 — and you should not be put off by their seemingly immature age. The latter one is a relative concept, and it mostly depends on the cultural norms, as well as social conditions your potential match was growing up in. 

Still, most mail order brides are somewhere in between 25 and 35, with fewer women older than that. The ones who are older usually join dedicated platforms for mature audiences — so if you’re looking for a match who’s out of her swaddling clothes, you may want to consider such websites in the first place.

How do mail order brides services work?

By now, you get the general logic — brides in one geographic region, grooms — in the other one, and a marriage site ‘between’ them. However, there is more — otherwise, mail order brides sites would not stand out from the rest of dating platforms. The first and the most important difference is that not everyone can join such a website — the process is way more selective, especially for the ladies. First of all, absolutely all ladies have to be single or divorced — being estranged from a husband is not considered reason enough to join a marriage site. Simply put, every person should be already eligible for marriage when they create their profiles.

To make sure all ladies are who they claim they are (and as single as they claim to be), sites ask for a copy of their valid ID. Often, the management would even interview their brides in person — either through live video call or on the spot, if the company has local offices ladies can personally visit. 

After the lady verifies her identity and her marital status, she’s allowed to register. If the bride can consult a local division, a company will also supply her with a photo shoot with one of the internal photographers. If there is no such option, they will either ask her to provide professional pictures or will polish up whatever photos she has. Of course, it does not mean changing her appearance entirely; it usually means adjusting exposure, lights, adding filters — simply put, making her profile pics look presentable. That’s why you will not find amateur photos or selfies on such sites, so do not be put off by professional work. It does not imply that the ladies are not real — on the contrary, it usually means you are on a professional site that cares about its reputation. 

If the lady is not fluent in English, she may also be given a translator for all of her correspondence. Today, however, fewer and fewer people invest in human translators, as automatic translation algorithms grow more sophisticated and make it possible to communicate more privately.

When all is set and done, the bride can start searching for eligible grooms. From this point on, most details will differ from one platform to another. Some sites charge both men and women for using their services. Some others make it possible for the ladies to communicate free of charge. Men, however, are always expected to pay for the site’s services. They can join for free, and they usually can see some basic profile preview, but they cannot contact the ladies. For that, a premium membership is required.

Speaking of memberships, those, too, can differ depending on a platform. Some sites charge monthly subscription fees — so, you get access to certain site features for a fixed price. For example, basic plans may allow sending unlimited emails and starting live text chats. A costlier subscription will also include voice and video chats on top of that. Of course, there will be more services included in practice, but that’s the gist of it. 

Another payment option some websites practice is to pay for each service separately. So, men are charged for every letter they’ve sent and every minute of chat they’ve used. Once again, the de facto bill may come by the end of the month (or after your account balance runs out); or, you may have to purchase virtual coins and spend them on the site. 

And, of course, there is always an in-between payment logic that combines the benefits of both approaches. That is, you can subscribe to some communication means for a fixed price and spend extra money on any additional service you may need occasionally. Sending gifts is a good example of such service — you will unlikely need it right from the start, but you may find local flower delivery useful when you establish a mutual connection with one of the ladies. Note: this perk is only available if the lady has a local division in her hometown, which is not uncommon, but not 100% guaranteed. 

One final aspect that makes mail order brides services stand out from mainstream dating sites and apps is that marriage-oriented platforms go an extra mile and can help their clients with travel and even marriage arrangements should such need arise. They can arrange for everything you need to visit your potential match in person — flights, hotels, airport transfers, etc. And, should you decide to marry this special lady, they will also offer a hand with visas and marriage permits. 

Tips on finding the bride of your dreams

Now, the final and probably the most important question is how you can find a woman who will be an excellent wife. Once again, a lot will depend on what you’re looking for in a lady, but usually, these tips should help: 

This should be enough to get you started on the search of a perfect bride. A final stat that should give you hope and make sure you have the patience to go the whole way: marriages with mail order brides have ridiculously low divorce rates. If you think of it, such a statistic is perfectly justified. When both invest so much and time and patience into their long-distance relationships, the couple has all the time they need to make an adult, perfectly informed decision. So, the chances of mistake are quite low, and most couples have their happily-ever-afters. 

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